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Author Topic: Knee Microfracture !  (Read 702 times)

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Knee Microfracture !
« on: August 18, 2009, 05:09:10 PM »
Hi everybody thought id drop in and give an update !

had MFX on trochlear groove ( non - weight bearing spot 1*2cm i believe on July 1st 2008 , know 13 months later i am doing reasonably well , however i have been told the swelling i feel after workouts may last up to 2 years.

Many people who have this surgery see a massive loss of quad strength , this happened to me and a year later i am still getting that ! I do have the occasional shooting/sharp pain at site of MFX but i am lead to beilieve most people do ! and considering AMARE had this at 7 mths ( with full trainer ) i am not doing bad ! My rehab schedule was pretty loosely organized and went as follows

2 months - no weight bearing
3 months - PT 9 leg raise, balaning ,etc )
4 month - began riding bike 10 mins and light jog 10 mins )
4 month / 5 month - light squat , leg press
5 month - began baskletball training
6 month - playe din some pickup games ( with pain )
7 months - decreased exercise as i felt pain
8 months - heavier leg exercise to build QUADS 
9 months - HEAVIER STILL
10 months - began sports again ( light swelling no pain )
11 - 13 months - Active in pick up ball but get pain when explosive of the left knee ( jump stops and two foote jumps or turns )

How long do you think it may take for the sharp pain everyoine complains about to go and could it just be a knne strength issue or slight maltracking over sight ! im thinking of taking the knee next three weeks to really focus on VMO and quads to pad the knee joint with bulk to see if this takes stress of and reduces sharp pains??