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Author Topic: What Now???? So discouraged and disappointed.  (Read 9704 times)

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Re: What Now???? So discouraged and disappointed.
« Reply #30 on: August 19, 2009, 12:15:34 AM »
Well, as with anything else , ALWAYS ALWAYS SHOP AROUND!!!

I went to Toronto today and saw the knee specialist/surgeon and am sooo glad I asked for a 2nd opinion.   He not only confirmed what was diagnosed in my MRI but he also told me something 2 doc's and 4 sets of xrays have not.....I have a stress fracture of the medial femoral condyle.   I asked him how that could be missed for soooo long and he said it depends on the angle the xrays are taken  and how good an eye the radioligist has and that some fractures are hard to see unless they have started to calcify.  so, it's all starting to make sense now, with regards to the pain that would never go away and NSAIDS that wouldn't help take the pain away.  He said it's not uncommon with a deficiant condyle and that alot of the time a stress fracture will mimik muscle pain.   He also mentioned the amount of swelling in my knee that no one else has. When he examined my knee he said there was alot of movement/instability with my patella, he was actually manually able to sublux it, partially dislocate it and pop it back.

So, he confirmed the patella  alta, and flat trochlear groove etc......he has prescribed NWB for 3 wks with my knee in a cast then after the 3 wks weight bearing as tolerated but still in a cast for another 3  wks or NWB with my knee wrapped for 2-3 months .  He said if I decide to let this heal without a cast that there must be absolutely no weight on it. Then once I've decided which route to take with this fracture he has prescribed physiotherapy/sports rehab and a custom knee brace for the patellar instablility.

He also gave me an injection into the knee of cortisone. Hopefully I will start to feel some relief soon.   Is it normal for your knee to ACHE after an injection?

He will reevaluate my knee when I go back for the fracture check and then we are going to decide how to treat the patella issues.

SO YEAH..... I finally got some answers , some treatment started and a doctor who listens

He couldn't believe that no physio or bracing had been prescribed by either of my doc's since I first went in Feb.....he's not the only one.

To everyone who has wished me well and offered advice and a shoulder to cry on....THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART......Every one on here is great and so thoughtful and I would have been so lost without this board to turn too

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Re: What Now???? So discouraged and disappointed.
« Reply #31 on: August 19, 2009, 12:56:12 AM »

Medica Mom.............I am soooooo happy for you!!!  Please keep us posted.  God Bless you!

Obie ;)

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Re: What Now???? So discouraged and disappointed.
« Reply #32 on: August 19, 2009, 06:05:36 AM »
MM - So sorry to hear about the fracture, but doesn't it feel GOOD to figure out what's wrong and to find someone who will take the time to work with you??  At least now you have some answers and you have a plan of action, and you can start to move forward through this thing.  I think the not knowing or being frustrated with different opinions from different docs is as frustrating as the knee issues/pain. 

And it's true... sometimes radiologists sleep on the job.  My daughter broke her wrist when she was 12, in taekwondo, a month before she was testing for her black belt.  I took her to the walk-in clinic at the hospital the day I got back into town and they did x-rays, told us nothing was broken, and put her hand in a brace, which barely fit because it was so swollen.  It was purple from her pinkie finger half way to her elbow, and she absolutely could NOT move it.  I pulled rank and got her into the hand surgeon who works in the same office as the doc I type for.  He took his own set of x-rays, set them up next to the hospital x-rays, and there was a nifty fracture right across the ulnar styloid.  The stupid hospital radiologist and docs at the walk-in clinic didn't see the x-ray that was right in front of their faces, and once I knew where to look, it was blatantly obvious that it was fractured. 

So... sorry to drag this on, but it goes to show that fractures are missed quite frequently.  The ending of the story is good, though.  My daughter tested for her black belt with a cast on and did everything perfectly except for the long-staff, which she couldn't use or spin because of the cast.  She called it her "secret weapon" LOL!.

Hang in there, and think positive thoughts!!!  You have a plan now and you're on the way to getting better :)

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Re: What Now???? So discouraged and disappointed.
« Reply #33 on: August 19, 2009, 08:09:32 AM »
Hi MedicMom,

So pleased you finally got some answers. There will always be people out there that will help you.

Patella problems are very specialised so the the general OS often won't know either do GPs have a clue.

Keep us updated.

See my OS in 7 days.
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Re: What Now???? So discouraged and disappointed.
« Reply #34 on: August 19, 2009, 02:25:48 PM »
Don't answers make you feel so much better.  For me they do - kind of justify' s everything you've been telling os's and what they aren't hearing. I'm thinking you should be pleased for answers and a course of action.  Good for you.  So now I'm going to go and call but yet another os and get but yet another appointment - maybe this one will be the answer / advise / support / direction that my knee and I are looking for.  Excellent news for you.  eagle