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Author Topic: MPFL reconstruction and MUA  (Read 364 times)

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MPFL reconstruction and MUA
« on: September 22, 2021, 07:53:17 PM »
Hello all, i am posting to inquire about experiences others have had with MPFL reconstruction and MUA. I hurt my knee about 7 years ago, at the age of 23, I am 29 now. It popped out of place while i was literally swimming in the ocean. Apparently thanks to genetics and not a very strong quad my knee did not like to stay in place. Over the last seven years I popped my knee out of place a couple times and this time i tore my MPFL. I tore the MPFL 4/4/21. Following a MRI on 5/11/21 i found out i had severe bone bruising, a torn MPFL, and a slight groove in my patella. I underwent surgery on 6/9/21 and everything seemingly went according to plan. I started PT a little behind schedule around the middle to end of July due to a mix up about my orders for therapy not being faxed to my PT office. I could not gain beyond 50 degrees with weeks of therapy and pushing myself. I went for my twelve week follow up with not much progress to show and my doctor suggested an MUA after an evaluation. My scar tissue seemed to be too dense to allow a proper bend. I had the MUA on 9/15/21. My doctor notified me that my full range was met and i went to PT directly after the MUA. I was able to gain 100 degrees with some pain and pushing but i got 90 on my own. Two days later i went back for another PT session and only could gain 80 to 85 degrees. I have retained a lot of swelling and pain that has regressed me
back to my degrees before the MUA.

I would just like to know if others have had these issues after a reconstruction and mua. I had a lot of bruising around my incision site after the MUA and when i try to bend the pain has not lessened no matter how much work i seem to be putting in since the MUA. I also have had issues with turning my quad muscle back on and all the progress i seem to have made prior to the MUA is gone. I am back to using crutches and everything seems to be sensitive and hurting. From what I researched this is not supposed to be “typical” after an MUA though i know all experiences are very different. Any insight would be appreciated.

I should also mention most pain medication makes me throw up so my recovery has not been that great from the start. I also had never underwent surgery before this.