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Author Topic: Low Serum Ferritin & Trigger points & Chondromalacia Patella  (Read 6641 times)

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I had run for 20 yrs without knee pain or injury.   6 months after my first child was born, I started having painless knee effusions in my L knee.  The effusions persisted, and I had a arthroscopy with debridement and lysis of adhesions.  Poor recovery despite intense PT with need to move into a ranch home to avoid stairs.  After second child, started having severe fatigue in my lower legs and pain in both feet.  I also developed the same grade (III/IV) in my R knee despite no running and adherence to PT focused on my core and hip musculature.
Finally found someone who could help.  I have trigger points throughout my body which are causing myofascial pain syndrome and inhibiting certain muscle groups.  It turns out that my serum ferritin (blood iron levels) are really low, and most likely were significantly lower after childbirth/knee surgery.  The hypothesis now, is that the trigger points in my hips/core musculature perpetuated the severe CMP.  No results with PT was expected due to the non-structural issue (low serum ferritin) that needed to be addressed before the trigger points would go away with dry needling.  On iron now for just under a month with no resolution, yet I am waiting to address the trigger points until my iron levels are higher via lab tests otherwise I would be wasting my money.  I am wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms issues.