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Author Topic: recovery time...not as expected, can anyone give me feedback  (Read 665 times)

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recovery time...not as expected, can anyone give me feedback
« on: August 11, 2009, 06:15:01 AM »
I had Arthroscopy with microfracture surgery on May 30th.  My tears were 1 large on the ouside of the meniscus and 1 small on the inside, then I was bone to bone so the microfracture was done as well.  My surgeon was not very informative  :(  I just passed the 10 week mark and I am still not walking normally.  I did have physical thearpy after 5 weeks, for 3 did help, especially with helping me to know how much I could push myself.  My pain is not horrible, mostly stiff feeling when walking.  Getting up from a sitting position and taking off, is slow and stiff.  I am frustrated at how I still have a limp.  My leg does extend fully.  Has anyone experienced this for this long?  Does the limp leave?  Am I expecting too much at this point?  I am so frustrated with the 'unknowing'.  Thanks in advance for anyone who responds....

Also, I'm use to working out on an Eliptical machine....when will I know I can go back to this? 


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Re: recovery time...not as expected, can anyone give me feedback
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2009, 06:27:13 PM »
Hi Julie: I have a very different injury than you, so I'm not sure about the appropriate trajectories for recovery. However, I've had to re-learn how to walk without limping twice now...once after my initial ski accident and now after my surgery.  I would suggest walking while looking in the mirror.  I was doing all sorts of things that I wasn't aware of that led to limping...tensing my upper body, raising my shoulder on one side up, sticking my leg too far out because I wanted to make sure that my leg was straight at the start of my gait, using my hip in inappropriate ways etc. etc.  I couldn't tell by feel what I was doing wrong.  I needed to see it. I spent about a week walking back in forth while looking at the mirror in the gym and was able to improve my gait a lot.  More recently, I've had the sense that there are some minor problems with my gait. I'm not limping anymore, but have a lot of pressure on the outside of my ankle when walking.  So, I've been walking on the treadmill.  This really requires me to have good balance and form; otherwise, I feel like I'm going to fall off of it!  That's helped a lot, as I figured out I was tensing my foot while walking and still favoring my non-op leg.

I'd suggest walking by looking in the mirror and slowing your stride down and really concentrating on your form...leg out straight, heel, foot, toe, bend your knee.  Good luck to you! Molly

In any case
Ski accident 2/14/09
Ruptured ACL, MCL sprain, bone bruise
ACLr allograft 5/27/09
Knee now 100% fine...skiing and playing tennis regularly