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Author Topic: Brace suggestions??  (Read 1435 times)

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Brace suggestions??
« on: August 27, 2005, 01:08:15 AM »
Hi everyone,

I'm pretty sure that after I get out of my post-op brace(hopefully when I see my OS on September 6)I'm going to still need some kind of stability brace. I don't think I'm going to be quite ready to walk around without anything, and I think I'll especially need something for when I start working again. I'm going to be a substitute teacher and don't start until late September-early October but I think at that point I'll be back to maybe 50-60% or so of my quad strength so I'm going to need something. The last thing I need is my knee buckling under me all day! Anyway, what I plan on asking my OS for is a small stabilizing brace with metal supports on the sides but hopefully without huge hinges as I need to be able to wear it under my pants for work. I have one from after my last surgery but it's incredibly uncomfortable. It's a pull on brace and I'm hoping he can get me a wrap around one as they're so much more comfortable for me. Does anyone have any ideas of good stabilizing braces that might come in a wrap around? I'm just looking into it so I can be prepared for the appt. I'm also going to ask my PT next week if she has any ideas for me. Thanks for any advice!

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Re: Brace suggestions??
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2005, 03:05:52 AM »
Why do you think you'll need another brace? What support do you need for walking almost two months after surgery? Unless you are worried about someone cracking you on the side of the leg, walking in crowds or on ice, I doubt your quad strength will be an issue. Your post op brace will probably suffice until you get off crutches and until you feel strong enough to walk on your own.

The metal supports on the side really don't do much, IMHO, unless you are expecting your knee to buckle in our out or you are worried about hyperextension. And even then, unless you get a really good athletic brace I find that most are more of psychological value than anything else. "Support" feels to me like a marketing word. For example, I bought one of those McDavid braces for $80 that has the metal braces in the neoprene sleeve. Practically worthless. Wouldn't really prevent hyperextension or anything else. Sometimes keeping the knee warm is supposed to be a good thing but it never made any difference to me.

I hated my post-op brace, which kept sliding down my leg. I'm much happier with my athletic brace, which is a DonJoy Defiance III custom. Don't think you need to spend money at this point.

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Re: Brace suggestions??
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2005, 11:48:33 AM »

My suggustion is this.......Choose the brace that suits your daignoises on your knee conditon, as buying the "cheapest brace" may not give the support your injuries needs. As some braces can be very pricey but some give you "extra" support and are made from carbon fibre or metal and other strong materials for strength.

Ask your Phyiso or Dr or Othopedic surgeon for opinons on what sort of brace would suit you and your knee conditon. I have tried the cheaper to more costly braces and found that for the support I needed it warrented a a "sports" brace, known as a top of the range brace  as it cost alot to get one. Most expensive is the custom made braces as making it to your knee's specifcations is the reason why it cost so much.

As for me I had a unstable knee joint and the cheapier braces would n't hold it in place and kept dislocating so I found I had to have a C180 brace and since then I found the brace very comfortable. Breaking in period was the same as anyone who wears something that sits and rubs on the skin. Eventually my skin is hard enough to wear the brace without blistering. I still  get a print out but I don't know anyone who doesn't get a print out of the areas that rubs on the skin!

B ut since then it's been comfortable and supportive, well worth the 600 dollers approx I forked out for it!!!!