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Author Topic: Knee Injuired Playing Football Last Year  (Read 788 times)

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Knee Injuired Playing Football Last Year
« on: June 24, 2009, 01:25:51 PM »
Hi All,

I am posting this query as I am not sure what to do. In Sept 2008 I injured my knee (Iím guessing my MCL). A player tackled my leg forcing my knee to jerk straight (as if going to bend my leg the wrong way). I was in my immediate pain and I remember it was hurt when trying to my leg straighten after it happened (I felt relief when I kept my leg bent).

Anyway, I hobbled off the pitch and didnít take any further part and the next day my knee swelled up. After a week of hobbling about, the pain went and swelling went down. I tried playing football a month after, and I experienced the same pain attempting the kick the ball (when jerking my leg straight). This is when I said I needed more rest.

I havenít exercised since Nov 08 when my knee last caused a problem until I started running in May this year.† My fitness started returning and my knee felt fine. So I signed up to play 5-a-side football last week. Everything was going well, until I kicked the ball hard and my knee went again (after 6 months of complete rest). It wasnít as bad a before and there was only a little pain (I would have been able to continue running).

Since football last week, there is no pain when I walk. I only get the occasional pain when I move suddenly (stand up fast or move my leg in an awkward angle). Even more worrying, yesterday I was demonstrating to gf where my knee hurts.......I tensed my thigh to make my leg my straight and the sharp pain returned causing my leg to buckle as I was standing up.

So I am at the point where I am concerned there is a permanent weakness in my knee and whether I should get it checked out, afterall, I have rested it for 6 months and it still re-occurred. I would like to return to football at some point as I am only 26.

Your thoughts and advise are much appreciated! :)


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Re: Knee Injuired Playing Football Last Year
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2009, 09:13:03 AM »
I would go and get it checked out as this shouldn't be happening still. Go to your GP or see a physio to ask them what might be wrong.
Torn ACL
Hamstring graft reconstruction
Patellar tendon graft reconstruction