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Author Topic: Side knee "clicking" after scope  (Read 859 times)

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Side knee "clicking" after scope
« on: June 22, 2009, 10:00:01 PM »
Hi all Just a quick question for you all
Last wednesday I had a Lateral release, Menicus tear cut out and scar tissue clean up. All done by scope. On my right knee. My question is this Has anyone Had a "clicking" type feeling on the outer side of the knee? My knee is quite swollen but when i try to bend the knee it feels like something is clicking and snapping.Doesn't really hurt per se just uncomfortable. I had this same surgery done back in March on my other knee and didn't have this issue. Just wondering if it is a "normal" healing process or something i should bring up to my OS.
                                                                      Thanks so much,
Lateral release-both knees
Arthroscopy-3 Times
Fulkersons TTT- Both Legs
medial reefing
PFJR (L knee) June 2006
PFJR (R knee) June 2007
Saphenous Neuroma removal Feb 22 2008
Scope LR,IT band,menicus repair Mar 18 2009
Scope,scar tissue removal menicus repair June 17 2009
Upcoming TKR Nov 10 2009