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Author Topic: worried about autologous blood injection  (Read 1033 times)

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worried about autologous blood injection
« on: May 20, 2009, 06:23:45 PM »
I injured my knee in a fall in Feb. 2008. When I finally saw a specialist I was told it was arthritis and nothing to do with the fall not even made worse by the fall! I was prescribed physio which didn't really help but maybe I didn't try hard enough. Through difficulty I put on weight which made the pain worse. Last Feb. I saw another specialist in a follow-up appointment and was told it was not arthritis but patellar tendonitis which would be cured with an autologous blood injection. I was in and out and didn't get much info but believe I was told I would have to wear a brace for 3 weeks and have more physio. I was told the waiting list wasn't long and I should have the injection by last March. I got a letter saying basically that if I cancelled more than one appointment I would be taken off the waiting list. As one appointment letter did not arrive at all I believe I may already have one "strike" against me even though my GP rang them and said there is no way I would ever not turn up for an appointment.

I now have a date (the last date they can give me without breaking waiting list guidelines) and fly to the US just four weeks later.

Meanwhile I was unsure whether I was supposed to be resting my knee or continuing with physio since the new diagnosis. Contacting the specialist has been very problematic! I decided that losing weight was important and now have lost a stone and the pain is probably less as a result. I'm aware of it all the time but walking is easier. I am also using an exercise bike for up to an hour a day and have no idea whether this is a good idea but I am desperate to lose weight.

My concerns:

I don't know enough about aftercare so don't know what state I will be in for my holiday just one month after the injection.

I have read in the archives here that correct rehab is very important. If this means exercising when does this need to begin and is going away just 4 weeks later and touring by car/walking a good idea.

I suspect getting travel insurance may be a problem if they suspect complications might arise.

Finally I am worried about the risk of infection. I was tested for MRSA by the hospital in Feb. and presume I was OK then.. I also suffer from OCD which isn't helping the matter!!

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through this to help me decide whether to go ahead at all or whether to risk  cancelling the date I already have and being removed from the waiting list!


I am concerned that