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Author Topic: New user in need of help to bend her knee!  (Read 827 times)

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New user in need of help to bend her knee!
« on: May 19, 2009, 07:06:05 PM »
Hi there,

I suffered from a TPF to the right knee on the 2nd Feb this year whilst learning to ski in Austria.
At first the MRI scan indicated a depression fracture, I was put in a cast and flown back to London where I had a knee arthroscopy ten days later. 

My surgeon discovered that rather than being depressed, the top of my tibia was cracked and looked like 'crazy paving'. A small piece of bone had chipped off and had wedged itself into one of the cracks making it look like a depression fracture on the scan. He removed the fragment of bone and 'patted down the cracks'.  He felt that the bone would heal on it's own and it was not necessary to use screws or plates.

A brace was placed on my leg and I was told to keep the leg in a straight position, non weight bearing for 6 weeks.  I started physio on 19 March and have been having three 30min sessions a week.  Whilst my muscle strength is improving and I am now able to hobble round my flat without crutches, I am having difficulty with bending and straightening my knee. I am a few degrees off from getting the full straight position but can only bend my leg just under 90 degrees. 

My PT is a little worried that there may be another problem which is making movement difficult.   ??? 

Can anyone share their experience and put my mind a rest? I am seeing my surgeon again next Wednesday and am wondering what questions to ask? Worried about what he might say? I have never broken anything before and have no idea how long the recovery process takes.

Any advice would be great!
Hope everyone is recovering and not in too much pain!!