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Author Topic: fractured patella  (Read 1069 times)

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fractured patella
« on: May 16, 2009, 03:48:56 AM »
newbie here with probably old questions:  I over-extended my left knee severely, twice in the same same day.  Result..fractured patella.
One orthopaedic surgeon said, lets wait and hope it heals in a straight line,. worst case scenario, it separates apart. come back in 3 weeks.
went back in 3 weeks, saw different surgeon, who says, if they knew right away, of the fracture, they would have done surgery.  Now its too late.
went back 2 weeks later, got new x-rays, saw a surgeon resident, who confers with surgeons, who all say.... surgery now, ASAP.  They will probably have to remove whole patella, and just let scar tissue grow in.  No one is talking aftermath. PT?? I just know, I'm in pain, and since this patella is, already on a total knee replacement, thats a year and half old, and my lower leg is suffering from constant swelling, that, they probably will not put my knee in cast. Only an immobilizer.  How do they expect me or my leg itself from not flexing the knee, involuntary?? causing more injury or slowing healing??
I'm just looking for answers that my surgeons are withholding. What should i expect??  Anybody??
wounded eagle