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Author Topic: Two Cats Here  (Read 1987 times)

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Two Cats Here
« on: May 13, 2009, 03:45:02 AM »
I have an Orange Tabby cat named "Pumpkin" who is 5 and a grey, black Tabby cat named "Sammee" who is 1-1/2.    Sammee is the sweetest most lovable cat I've ever had, just wished she'd stop laying on my knee at night, the one that had a PKR on May 7th. 

Pumpkin is a strange cat, more typical of an orange tabby and I got her at 6 months old as a rescue.  He is very tempermental, never forgets anything, has a nasty temper, thinks he's a dog, follows me around everywhere, can't stand it if I don't let him in when I use the bathrrom.  Punishes me if I've done something he doesn't like by knocking glasses, salt/pepper shakers, candles, anything he can reach onto the floor.  Or he punishes Sammee by pinning her down and biting her neck.

My DD and family live in Colorado with 3 grandkids, my grandson age 9 and foster sisters that are 18 months and 4 months.  Last night she went to a neighborhood book club and the baby started fussying so she took her by the window to look outside.    There was a cat on the bar by the window, an orange male Tabby who put his paw on the babie's head.  My daughter has 2 cats now and has always had cats and is very familar with our orange tabby. She turned and went to take the cat's paw off of the babies head and it attacked my daughter and she laid her head over the babies head to protect her.  OMG, 11 stitches, down to the bone scratch and bite marks on each side of her face next to her eyes.  Doctor and RN's at emergency said they'd never seen anything like it before from a domestic cat.   My daughter is not going to report, her neighbor is taking the cat to her vet in the morning to have it checked out.  I'm livid, I'd fly there in a minute to help take care of the babies, but it's not possible right now, so I'm venting instead.  Hugs to all...