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Author Topic: burning painful bruises after TKR  (Read 994 times)

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burning painful bruises after TKR
« on: May 10, 2009, 07:45:49 PM »
Hi all fellow sufferers,

I am 55 yrs and I had a RTKR 10 days ago, I spent only 2 days in hospital (UK) cos I met the specified cryteria walk with sticks, climb stairs, bend knee to 90' etc. But I was discharged with a very swollen and bruised leg.
Immediately after the feeling came back to my leg (still in hospital) I felt a hot burning pain in the right side of my calf muscle, I was unable to put any pressure on it, now after 10 days the bruises on the back of my leg are really colourful, blue, green and yellow all the way from my cheeks to my toes, I find it very painful to stand after elevating my leg, it feels like a mixture of blood/acid is rushing into my shin and forcing my muscle from the bone. It is still extremely painful to touch. My wife is a nurse and even she cannot put the anti-bloodclot stockings on me without me being in extreme pain.
My knee feels fine, I have a small amout of discomfort there when I move too quickly without thinking, I am only suffering with the painful bruises, which I feel is preventing me from doing my physio 100%

Has enyone else experienced this? if so how long does it last? is it perminent? jez I hope not.