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Author Topic: Calcification of the quadriceps  (Read 1059 times)

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Calcification of the quadriceps
« on: May 08, 2009, 11:09:21 AM »
I am wanting some advise on what to do, to best manage calcification of the quadriceps? I have worked in a coalmine for over 10 years, while working there i use to carry a lot of weight on a belt (tools, light etc) while walking on uneven ground for 12 hours a day, over the years my knees would get sore and I put it down to wear an tear, but after leaving the industry I decided to get a X-ray as the aches and pains would not go away, my local doctor has in formed me that my quadriceps have been worked that hard that over the knee it has started to calcify!! He has given me an anti-inflammatory which seems to work a bit, but taking them long term is not good for your stomach so I understand, and I am 34 and don't want to take them for the next possible 50 years.
I still play sport and don't want to stop. Is there any products on the market that are good for long term use or is there a procedure that can be done to get rid of the calcium??, the rest of my knees are in good order.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Matt :)