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Author Topic: avascular necrosis leading to fusing of my knee  (Read 924 times)

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avascular necrosis leading to fusing of my knee
« on: May 07, 2009, 10:45:51 PM »

My name is Kevin, I have a few question about treatment and how I could improve life in general with my current condition.

About 3 years ago, I was diagnose with a type of cancel call "Glioma", its basically a tumor that had grown and developed in the region where the spine and brain met. I was lucky enough to have survive this diseased after on-going treatment for nearly one and a half years. During my oral chemotherapy treatment, I was prescribed a type of steroid that prevents inflammation of my tumor at very high dosage. At the time the doctors did not expect the adverse side effects because of my age (21 at the time). Just 7 months before my chemotherapy had stop, my entire right need started to inflame and cause a great deal of pain. I later found out that the drug had cause "avacular necrosis" and a nasty infection was slowly eating away at my knee. I saw a orthopedic surgeon right away and quickly operated to "flush" out the infection. Before the surgery I was able to stand up and walk on my own, my leg was still in healthy enough condition for me to be mobile.

After the surgery my tendons started to contract, and I was no longer able to straighten my leg. (ATM, it is at 90 degrees with very small range of motion) I inquire the physician about my condition a few times during this process regarding treatment or knee replacement. His usual reply was very rude, uninformative, negative and unprofessional, he even mustard the nerves to ask my mother and I, "How long do you know you have"? At the time, I understood the complication of such surgery but I felt that this doctor wasn't the one I was looking for. After a long period of time in searching a second option, my condition started to get worst, I had on-going physiotherapy for a very long time but so far without much results for almost a year.

Just 7 months ago, I had finally found a new doctor, he suggested that I get a "splint" to stretch out my tendons. He asked me to get this 1500 dollar device to "try", which at the time he did not know at all if it would work. It took me nearly another 3 months asking for government assistance for funding this device and realizing that no one really wanted to help, we paid out of our own pocket.

Fast forward back to last Monday, I saw my new doctor again after a x-ray at the hospital, I told him that the splint didn't fit and was going nowhere, he basically conclude that I was "screwed" and he can't do anything about it other then giving me a knee fusion. (back straight so that It isn't at 90 degree)

I'm kinda lost at the moment and have no idea where I could go for help. I would appreciate if someone could offer some advice and/or treatment options. Perhaps advice from someone with the similar case or treatment options outside of Canada.

Thank you,