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Author Topic: Broken Knee Cap - Questions,and advice???  (Read 1222 times)

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Broken Knee Cap - Questions,and advice???
« on: May 07, 2009, 10:45:15 AM »
Back in june 26, of 06 i fell about 20 feet and tore the Patellar tendon, and the muscle kinda rolled up my leg. The doctor had to drill 3 holes in the knee cap,and lace cables through the muscle/tendon to the knee cap.. the surgery was a success. Went through rehab,and was back to work. I was out nearly two years.

Well, December of this year i was attacked by 4 men outside a bar ,and one of them kicked my knee which broke my knee cap in two. The Doctor put it back together with 2 screws.. Things were moving smoothly, I was able to start bending my knee up to 30 % just after a month. a month or so later  One of my crutches slipped out from underneath me and i fell back on the knee which tore it apart again. So we had another surgery..This time he went in and put two rods, and put a figure 8 tie with cables around the rods to cinch up the knee. He said he will have to go back in the knee to take out the hardware he put in.

The Doctor told me he was running out of options...that if i tore it again i would have to have a full knee replacement. I am only 34 years of age. and my job is very active, Im a Rigger for a crane company so my job requires alot of climbing and heavy lifting.

My question to you  is, What about a Cadaver knee? I had thought about it for a while now. An uncle of mine had a cadaver bone placed in his knee. So why couldn't they do that to a knee?

If you are a doctor, or have knowledge of this please contact me . [email protected]