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Author Topic: MRI impressions - Femoral condyle  (Read 2404 times)

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MRI impressions - Femoral condyle
« on: May 06, 2009, 04:57:59 PM »

I am 31 old male, I am 5.3 tall and  my weight is 110 Pounds. I play tennis and squash from time to time.

This is my second MRI after a 1 year. The previous MRI showed that I have a Medial meniscus tear. I was so happy to see that after 1 year, the Meniscus tear disapparead from the MRI report without doing any surgery or rehab.

But this time I did the MRI on my both knees and it looks like I have some issue with my cartillage. Can you please help me understand how severe my case is and what I am supposed to do ? Surgery or just ignore it.

Right Knee report:
All normal except "There is a small contusion of the medial femoral condyle which was not present in the prior MRI study"

Left Knee report :

All normal except "There is an incidental small chondroma or cartilage rest within the medial femoral condyle""

Thank you very much for your help.