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Author Topic: 5 months later  (Read 1005 times)

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5 months later
« on: May 13, 2009, 01:50:54 PM »
20 year old male, plays several sports, very active.

Bad fall 5 months ago
Left knee very swollen
painful to walk up and down stairs
near impossible to run/jog on it
RICE'ed it and the pain faded gradually.

2.5 months after the injury
Visited my doctor as pain and swelling was still present
Had full range of movement with slight discomfort
Told there was still some swelling
Also told my knee was stable, no ligament/tendon damage.
Put on, Cataflam (NSAID)

4.5 months after injury
Visited doctor as as pain and swelling was still present (just less now)
Again told joint was stable
Had full range of movement, still with slight discomfort
Put on, Arcoxia.
Told to rest for 2 - 3 weeks

5 months after injury
The Arcoxia tablets further reduced the swelling and I have to dig a little to find some pain now.

However there still seems to be some swelling on the upper outside of my knee. My knee feels swollen and tight most of the time in that area. It also feels tired most of the time too. But I feel no discomfort other than that. I have full range of movement and walking and jogging is okay.

Is it possible that there is still some swelling in my knee even after being on tablets twice?
Is the fact that I still have swelling in my knee a sign of something else?
Can the fluid that causes swelling get 'trapped' and stay in my knee?
Is the swelling causing this tired feeling?

Also I am assuming that it is in fact swelling that is causing discomfort. Could it be anything else? Surely if I can run up and down a stairs without pain not a whole lot can be wrong.

Thanks in advance to those who reply :)

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Re: 5 months later
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2009, 10:56:16 PM »
Hey ya lumpy.......

Sounds like you are, and have been doing, all the right things.  Not sure about your residual swelling, although I would imagine that if you shocked the holy heavens out of your knee with a bad fall, yes, it can take a very long time to get rid of swelling.
You mentioned being tired, from what I've read here, you've had this injury for approx 5 months.  More than likely you have not been near as active as you were before your fall.  Muscles deteriorate rapidly, and although you don't have pain (wahoo, you are fortunate) your muscles are probably not fully up to par.
My suggestion would be to start a solid, balanced workout program for your entire body.  Don't try to jump into where you left off 5 months ago, for you truly need some time to "get back into it".  I'll bet your tiredness will fade in time, plus you will bring your knee(s) back into the game with a solid muscle/tendon foundation.  That will help protect that knee.

Good luck,