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Author Topic: Patella Alta - diagnosed after latest MRI - Need some advice desperately  (Read 1267 times)

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This is really starting to get me down. I'm 32 and have been training for the NY marathon for the past 2 years. My right knee has been causing me problems for the past year and a half and I postponed the marathon last year b/c of it. Following my first MRI over a year ago I was told that there was patella subluxation and patella tracking problems. I went to PT for a month and it didn't really improve. Fast forward a year, the knee is still causing me problems so I had a second MRI scan. This time the results came back with Patella Alta in my right knee (not sure if that is the correct term). I would really appreciate any advice on where to go from here. I have given it over a year and not much has changed. I can run a few miles, but the knee is typically quite sore afterwards. Will PT or leg strengthening of my own fix this? I love running and want to run the marathon this year so any feedback much appreciated :)

Here is the MRI report:

Marrow signal is unremarkable. The articular cartilage is normal. There is patella alta. This may reflect hyperextension of the knee coil. Patellar tracking should be evaluated clinically.

The patellar articular cartilage is intact. The patellofemoral ligaments are normal. There is no mass in the posterior compartment.

The cruciate ligaments are intact. The menisci are normal. The medial collateral ligament, iliotbial band, conjoin tendon, and popliteus tendon are normal.

The fibular styloid is intact, there is no muscle tear.



Thanks again for listening.


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Hi kiss: i have patella alta wich is a high riding knee cap. I've had many surgeries to improve my knee and its function, and still have problems. It feels sometimes that the top of my patella is pinching something if i do too much and swells. I'd try advil if your having discomfort and see if that hleps you. You could also try a brace to help with your knee.  I know theres surgery out there for that, you may want to look into if your that uncomfortable. Good luck it truly sucks when you have a bad knee. Good luck with it and all the best Irene