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Author Topic: 'Probably grade 1 osteochondral lesion'... what does this mean?!  (Read 2710 times)

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Hi there

I'm seeing an orthopaedic surgeon tonight about the above problem but I have no idea what my doctor means by this, and also think that my doc must think I'm a complete hypochondriac!

I've read my referral letter from him to the consultant and he basically thinks I'm making it up as there was no obvious signs of abnormality on the x-ray, and the MRI scan revealed no evidence of meniscal injury but 'probably grade 1 osteochondral lesion of the anterior aspect of the medial femoral condyle'.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I hope that I've not wasted my doctor's time, as he seemed sympathetic up to a point but I'm guessing that he's laughing behind my back and reckons I'm making all of this up!

I haven't had any real pain with it recently and certainly don't want to be seen to be wasting anyone's time, but at the same time I hope that people don't fob me off and say that I'm taking a non-existent symptom too seriously!

Grrrr! Please if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful!

Thanks guys!

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Re: 'Probably grade 1 osteochondral lesion'... what does this mean?!
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2009, 06:17:39 PM »

This site gives detailed info, but basically its a tear or break in the cartiledge. 
"Such lesions are a tear or fracture in the cartilage covering one of the bones in a joint. "
It can at times "seem" ok but the condition doesn't heal itself.
"After the initial pain and discomfort of a strain or sprain subsides, individuals usually resume or even increase their activity level. If an osteochondral lesion has occurred, however, everyday activities that put pressure on the joint, may lead to pain and swelling, although the joint usually is fine when at rest. "
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Re: 'Probably grade 1 osteochondral lesion'... what does this mean?!
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2009, 02:29:57 PM »
Hi guys

Well I saw the OS last night and he asked me about my medical history etc and examined my knees. He couldn't find anything physically wrong with them and didn't think there was anything untoward / injury-wise. He said that from the last MRI scan I had, he couldn't see anything abnormal and that as it was done at an external centre with the results then sent off to be assessed in South Africa (don't ask me why to save costs probably!), that it was difficult to know whether they were a true and accurate assessment as the radiolgists who work there often have a habit of exaggerating the MRI results (to cover their backs, probably!) He suggested getting another scan to check if there's any abnormality. I'm guessing he's also thinking that the problem has possibly cleared up and that I'm making a song and dance about nothing.... which I'm not, but now I feel a bit embarrassed at having wasted his time, although I guess he prob doesn't care that much as long as he's getting paid!

He said that there are three options:

a) leave it alone and do nothing
b) get another MRI scan and see what happens, then if there's any abnormalities, take it from there. If there's nothing obvioius, he recommended doing some physio to see whether exercise can help
c) doing keyhole surgery to investigate what's wrong... although this would be a last ditch option and only if the MRI scan showed any abnormalities.

So now I feel like I've greatly over exaggerated my symptoms (which haven't been as bad recently, it has to be said) and that my OS thinks it's prob more a case of it's in my head than anything else.

The thing is, why would I make up symptoms? Why would I make up my knee catching and locking and being so painful that I can't straighten it? Admittedly this hasn't been recently but it has happened in the last 6 months so it's definitely been there. The OS said that sometimes teenage girls have problems with their joints that they grow out of, and that some people are just more susceptible to pain than others.

All of this makes me think that I should never have bothered getting it investigated in the first place, and that maybe it all really is a storm in a teacup... I'm feeling quite frustrated that I'm not getting the answer I wanted but also that if I make more of a fuss over nothing, they'll get fed-up and tell me to go away and stop wasting their time.

Sorry for the rant I just don't know whether any of this will have been worth it in the end.   :(