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Author Topic: So frustrated! Advice/opinions please  (Read 891 times)

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So frustrated! Advice/opinions please
« on: April 17, 2009, 07:17:09 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm a newbie that has been lurking since injuring my knee last September.  (I had an arthroscopy on the same knee some 20 years ago to have cartliage trimmed).  I recently had another arthroscopy after my surgeon suspected I had torn my meniscus (long story as to how we got here!).  I came around from surgery to be told I had actually sheared off part of my articular cartliage (grade 4!) which was causing my locking problems and also have grade 2 wear and tear of the knee cap.  Recovery from the arthroscopy has been slow and at each appt with consultant I'm told give it more time.  My knee is fine walking (in flat shoes only) but uncomfy up n down hills.  If I try to stand on one leg (ie weight on injured knee) the pain is terrible as is lying with my leg up allowing the weight to be on this leg.  I can't dance, do Yoga, run, I get constant crack overs if foot points in different direction to knee (noise sounds like when you crack your knuckles but more painful) and yet my consultant still insists it's early days and I will improve and cracking sensation is normal!.  Yesterday I had 2 x-rays done and am now waiting for an MRI before my surgeon will decide if I need my hole plugged (he won't do a Microfracture but mentioned trufit plug??).  He seems concerned that performing the plug op will leave me worse off but I'm finding this difficult to accept given the problems I'm still experiencing.  I'm extemely frustrated as this really affects my ability to keep up with my 3 active kids and daily life.  Am I expecting too much too soon?  Will it be ok long term to leave a hole in my knee (I'm worried this might lead to osteoarthritis).  I know these questions should be answered by my surgeon but he's not the chatty type and is quite dismissive.  Any opinions/advice would be appreciated.  Sorry to go on.


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Re: So frustrated! Advice/opinions please
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 04:48:15 AM »
i regret that i dont know anything about your condition specifically but when it comes to getting answers out of your OS sometimes you literally have to hold your hand up in a " stop" motion and say " Ive got questions that need answered"> worked for me,,, thereafter my Os would wait patiently other than an ocassional hand stop signal reminder and then he would laugh and say " im sorry..ask your question" rememember that they provide a service, i.e we hire them. make your money work for to speak.  his time may b short but its also expenisve and worth a few minutes to address your questions and concerns. write them on paper..when he enters the office, hold the paper up and say " Ive got questions"

I do understand your frustration though. im two yrs post injury and thought I was past all set back...this will be my 3rd year in a row that I will " miss out" on the wonderful sunny months and all of the fun and enjoyment that comes with it and will instead get to watch it from my window.. Really stinks! so i can at least relate to your discouragement. hoping the best!

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Re: So frustrated! Advice/opinions please
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2009, 09:36:36 PM »
PRP seems to be the new buzz word.  Nonsurgical, fast, cheapish, own serum (no reject), no recovery time (just takes some time to heal).  I am learning about it and am going to have it done in a week.  Doctors are scattered depending on where you are.  Internet searches will fill you in on all the detail.  Sounds like a winner for almost any knee problem or healing problem in your body for that matter.  Even used for facial cosmetic regeneration!  Amazing, I know.

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Re: So frustrated! Advice/opinions please
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2009, 03:35:18 AM »
Hi Sue, sorry to hear about your knee.  I have a grade 4 articular cartilage defect.  My inital OS did MFX 8 months ago, which failed.  He sent me to a sports med specialist, who is going to do OATS in like 7 days.  I have researched OATS alot and its about a 80 90 percent success rate.  From what Ive heard about TruFits they dont always work like theyre suppose to and come out of place.  Do your homework before your decide.  And I would get a second opinion if after your MRI he doesnt recommend OATS or even ACI or Allograft.  You definatley should not walk around with a hole in your articular cartilage, it does cause arthritis and needs to be addressed and FIXED.  If you have any questions for me just PM me or email me, unfortunatley I know alot about articular cartilage damage, by experiance.
Right Knee:  1983 meniscal tear scope debridment &lateral release. 1991, 1997, 2001
2003 scope meniscal tears. 
8-08 MFX MFC lesion FAILED.
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 6-09 Uni Right MFC.