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Author Topic: Heavy, tight, tingling knee  (Read 2138 times)

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Heavy, tight, tingling knee
« on: April 17, 2009, 04:01:52 PM »
Last December while playing soccer on a concrete surface I fell straight down on my knee. It was very swollen and sore to walk on, as I had expected. I rested it for a few weeks...but its was still swollen. The pain had gone and I could walk on it okay. However there was still a discomfort in it e.g. lying in bed with both knees facing down I could feel a clear difference in my injured knee. Also when I tapped the top of my knee (in the sitting position) I felt a tingling sensation. So I visited my GP and she bent and twisted me knee and said I had done no damage to it and gave me a dose of Difene...a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and told me to do some light exercising on it...if the problem was still there to come back and she would send me to a PT.

I done what I was told all all seemed good. Until recently, now April, four months after my injury I have found the time to get back into playing soccer and general fitness activities. Last Monday I thought I would take it easy and go on a 3 - 4 mile jog....when I started out my knee felt heavy and when I stopped for a short rest I could feel a slight tingling sensation. So I took it easy for the remainder of the jog. Then on Thursday I decided to play a game of soccer with my friends....the first time I kicked the play full power I got a shooting pain in the front of my knee...but that was it really...I continued to play on for the next few hours without much bother (still had a heavy feeling but didnt affect me too much). But for the next few days I continued to have that tingling sensation whenever I walked after a long time sitting or when I tapped my knee. My knee also fees heavy and tight when I rub it. I visited another GP and he took a look at it, by the look on his face (when I was lying down and bending my leg up and down with his hand on my knee) it seemd as if he thought there was something wrong but he didnt day anything to me. He prescribed me Arcoxia 120mg for 10 day and told me to return to him in 14 days if the discomfort continued and he would book me in for an MRI.

Has anybody has similar experiences or do these symptoms show signs of anything major?

Any and all information/advice is greatly appreciated :)