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Author Topic: Patellar Tendon issues after surgery (not rehab question perse)  (Read 796 times)

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I had an ACL reconstruction using the patellar tendon when I was 17, at the time i noticed a lump around the tibial tuberosity but figured it was just scar tissue and my doc never said anything about it. Well it never went away and at the age of 20 I had a very small lateral menisectomy and slight synovectomy in the same knee, and had patellar tendon, well slackness I guess would be the term. Seems that I have a piece of bone that is lodged just under and to the side of the tendon there. That slackness is long gone but I still have pain frequently just below the patella and perhaps some "junk" around the tendon. Any advice?

Also in my other knee, I have some fluid randomly appear one day. It is only really visible when in deep knee flexion but I can feel some fluid around the patella now when standing. I had no traumatic injury to this knee and it has been there for a month and a half now. No pain or swelling or loss of range of motion really, but I did have a badly sprained ankle last summer which I am wondering could have contributed to this. As a competitive weightlifter, these issues are of concern to me performance wise, should I be worried?