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Author Topic: ACL Tear Questions - Need Some Answers!  (Read 862 times)

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ACL Tear Questions - Need Some Answers!
« on: April 13, 2009, 04:24:59 PM »
Had a MX accident a week ago, some mild swelling occured overnight (about 12 hrs) later, lasted about a day. Small amount of fluid in knee still, but within 1 day I was putting full amount of weight on knee. Subconsciously walking with a little timidness on the knee, but otherwise have full range of motion, with exception of complete kneeling. Had an MRI 4 days after, and heard today that it was a full tear of the ACL. The doc said it "appeared" like an ACL rupture and went right towards rehab and surgery no discussion. I am walking almost normal, performing all normal activities w/o swelling, etc, etc...doesn't seem right. I did not have immediate swelling or bruising, but I did have a very little feeling of giving way at the time of injury only. I can not tell if there was a pop, but all in all I feel like a normal sprain and could be up and running by end of week.. I just don't feel this is an ACL tear, but can't get any solid feedback on how long swelling usually lasts, can you walk on it a day afterward, handle full weight right away, etc, etc...I'm curious if analyzing an MRI can be inaccurate and actually be wrong in the opposite direction?

A few years ago, had a dislocation of right arm, fractured a small bone at the joint. Went to doctor, who immediately pushed for full blown surgery and actually had me in the waiting room. This was open cut, full rehab type surgery. I walked out, went to another doctor at a reputable hospital and he said rehab it for a few weeks and you're good. I'm skeptical of doctors in small towns due to this, and here I am again. With these economic times, it's not hard to imagine a doctor in my area pushing for surgery to make a buck. Anyone with a similar situation, please share.

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Re: ACL Tear Questions - Need Some Answers!
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2009, 09:03:52 PM »
I tore my ACL while on a soccer trip to texas. I did hear the snap/popping noise though.    Initially they thought it was just a was swollen the first day but the swelling went down.  ACL is described as the seatbelt of your knee. You can get along walking...etc without it but if you turn certain directions, run, etc...your knee might give out on you and you might collaspe.   So, surgery for an ACL tear isn't mandatory...but if you are active and want to be able to run/cut/have knee stability and your acl is torn, you'll want surgery.   Anyway, we were on a trip and they told me my knee was ok so the day after I did it I spent the day walking around Texas with my knee wrapped and it felt fairly normal. When I got back from the trip I had it looked at by my doctor and he immediately told me my acl was torn (he didn't even need an MRI,...just pulled and pushed on my leg and felt that it was too loose) So, since i"m active and wanted to continue playing soccer where you are constantly cutting back and forth, I had the surgery.   If you don't trust your doctor get a second opinion but in most cases if you have a clear acl tear, they can tell it pretty easily since it is a pretty common thing.     
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