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Author Topic: Please read hopefully someone will be able to help!  (Read 768 times)

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Please read hopefully someone will be able to help!
« on: April 10, 2009, 12:31:16 PM »
so here goes!!
i banged my left knee on the 19th Aug 2008, i have had key hole which took place on the 8th Jan 2009 the surgeon said that there was abnormal soft tissue behind and the knee cap!

i have since been in more pain (which i didnt think was possible) i still cant straighten or bend knee never mind bear weight on it.
the surgeon has now said he doesnt know whats wrong with my knee and why it is causing me so much pain!
My knee also goes red hot and is always swollen this has only occured since the operation and nobody will listen to me!

i will list my syptoms and hope to god someone will have had the same or simliar problem and got fixed i have been like this for ages and its getting me down iam fed up of been in consistant pain and doctors have now prescribed me Tramadol!! Not happy!

Syptoms are:
* A constant sharp stabbing pain throughout my knee area
* The pain gets worse if i stand and bear weight on it
* When i do try and straighten it i can feel a grinding sensation
* When bending and straighten (when i can do it) its asif something not letting me? like something is stopping it from going due to the pain
* It is constantly swollen and gets worse now and then like triple the size of my other knee
* Goes bright Red like a tomatoe and goes real hot you can feel it through my trousers this has only appeared after my operation
* Also get a throbbing pain

i think thats all of the syptoms at the moment anyway!

Please if you have any idea or have suffered similar let me know what your outcome was as am only 19 and not impressed!
ITS A MESSS!!!! i want my nobbly knee back :(  :(

thanks again

fingers are crossed!
im giving up all hope in my surgeon as he said he's never seen anything like this before and i feel he's caused the swelling, more pain, redness and hotness


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Re: Please read hopefully someone will be able to help!
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2009, 12:58:16 PM »
Maybe you need to switch surgeons? A second opinion? There cannot be pain, swelling and redness for no reason...

I went through almost a year of OS and other doctors saying they didn't know what to do with me until I hit the right one who FINALLY diagnosed my problem. It just may take some pushing and asking questions before you actually get somewhere.

Don't give up!!
Dislocation of left patella and as a result left patellar tendon rupture in the medial section/torn at both ends.
3 Previous surgeries-semitendiosis tenodesis
Reconstruction surgery left knee October 10 '07
TKR right knee May 25 '10.....successful!
Limited ROM/TKR left knee May 25 2015...successful.