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Author Topic: my mri report (rhuemy ordered) and sent me to othro who do not agree w/ mri  (Read 847 times)

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hi everyone i recently had mri on both knees report says torn midbody medial meniscus w/ effusion right knee and left knee effusion, so rhuemmy sent me to ortho. Ortho looked over mri of left knee in front of me and said he did not see joint effusion but rather "tissue" going from front of knee through my knee joint to back that was bright white and said this is probably your problem, also saying too that my kneecap is beat up on this point i asked how does that happen???He said u were born with it?????I them asked what can be done with this if in fact it is the problem???He said arthoscopic surgery then. went to my right knee with the torn meniscus .....well no torn menicus but same tissue same way thorough the joint no effusion...he then took x-rays that did not show meniscus tear but osteoarthitis and knee caps r great.......i am confused i still dont know what i have???he did call it something and i had felt like he was in a hurry w/ me he did not exam like i figured he for gods sake i wore underwear!!! least i can laugh about the way i am hypermoble per my diagnoses my thumb bends back as well as me knees, I can put my plams flat on floor w/legs straight ectc.....Oh & when i sleep i wake from time to time w/ horrible pain w/ my leg bent and locked at the knee awwh thiis has been going on for bout three yrs now 1st right  then the left no way to prvent that i aware of....
i finally whent to family doctor when both knees locked up at same time and left me in tears the goes away after i lovingly massage the seens to happen w/ the way i sleep, on my stomach w/ leg bent up, i always put a pillow under my kne but it doesn't seem to matter....any insite would be wonderfully appreciated