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Author Topic: tibial plateau fx that extends medially withlateral meniscal tear  (Read 799 times)

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Its been 5 mths I still cant walk right. I was NWB up until 3wks ago. I had a cast on for 4wks , it came off 3wks ago. At first I noticed things improving, but dont seem to be anymore. I dont know why but sometimes my knee falls out of place it feels like. It does not feel good at all ! If anyone has a idea of what it is I am feeling when this happens let me know. ???
                   Thanks  JJ

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Re: tibial plateau fx that extends medially withlateral meniscal tear
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2009, 10:55:58 PM »
If you are only 3 weeks into WB you are naturally going to feel like things are awkward.  It takes time to rebuild muscles to support the knee joint.  Are you getting PT.  I good therapist can not only help rebuild the muscles, but also reduce your anxiety.
Sending healing rays your way
8/4/07 fell
8/5 diagnosed TPF
8/6 surgery plate and 6 screws
8/12 out of hospital NWM
8/21 staples removed
9/18 OS appt - WBAT with crutches
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10/27 - back to work w/cane
12/26 - no cane, slight limp when tired
1/25/08 - released from PT, no limp
2/3/09 - Released by OS