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Author Topic: Broken Patella Journey and Success Story  (Read 1459 times)

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Broken Patella Journey and Success Story
« on: April 11, 2009, 04:15:36 AM »
Fellow knee enthusiasts.  For those that are interested, I have a short success story that I hope inspries and motivates all of you.

The Bad:
I'm 34, male and healthy.  During early January 2008, I slipped on the ice while taking the trash to the curb.  I sustained a horizontal fracture on my left patella.  It broke into two pieces.  After an overtly dramatic 911 call and trip to the ER, I was sent home in an immboizer and told that I would need surgery to repair the fracture.

Shades of Hope
Surgery was successful and I went home with two vertical pins and a figure eight wire assembly.  I returned home and didn't bend my knee for 6 weeks.  After confirming that my patella had healed, I tried to bend my knee in the doctors office and it moved less than 5 degrees.  My leg was also a toothpick relative to my other leg.  While this was disapointing, tranisitioing to a brace that allowed knee movement and starting PT was a major victory on the emotional front.

Physical Therapy

I began physical therapy immediately after confirming that my patella had healed.  This was the most painful part of the journey.  PT lasted 12 weeks and I regained 100% mobility in my knee 3 weeks after PT began.

Hardware Removal
I had the hardware removed today, 15 weeks after the original operation.  Surgery lasted one hour and I walked out of the hospital without crutches.  I can already feel the difference.  I was blown away by how big the pins were.  It's great to have them out.

Best wishes.  It's a long journey.  And thank god for modern medicine and health insurance!

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