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Author Topic: Any body had Prepatella Bursitis & What was the outcome ??  (Read 1081 times)

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Any body had Prepatella Bursitis & What was the outcome ??
« on: March 25, 2009, 07:17:20 PM »
Hi have just been diagnosed with prepatella bursitis in my left knee, very sore and uncomfortable, my consultant has refered me to have keyhole surgery to remove the bursa and stop this condition re occouring. Is this the best & only option.

Any advice would be welcomed

Bristol UK

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Re: Any body had Prepatella Bursitis & What was the outcome ??
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2009, 05:04:48 AM »
I had my first bursitis surgery four months ago. I was told that it would be a simple surgery and that recovery would be about a week. The very next day after having the surgery I started having complications. Since then I have had to undergo four more surgeries and I am no closer to being "normal". The last surgery was on May 19, 2009 and it left me with a very large open wound on my knee and I have to be hooked up to a Wound V.A.C unit. The dressing has to be changed three times a week and I am in constent pain. Please PLEASE make sure you try every corse of treatment you can before going through any kind of surgery. I was told after the fact that the best corse of treatment for a bursitis is physical therapy, steriod or cortasone shots along with asperating the fluid from the bursa. While surgery is the last option for some, please don't go into it before trying other methods. I hope this helps. Please post how you are doing!
I have had five knee surgeries in the past four months because of complications from a bursectomy. At the moment I have a Wound V.A.C. in my knee but because of a persistent infection, it is not healing.