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Author Topic: New to board! What is a torn medial retinaculum???  (Read 8194 times)

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New to board! What is a torn medial retinaculum???
« on: March 09, 2009, 10:23:26 PM »
Hi there...
All my life I have had knees that subluxate (dislocated knee cap)
I have been a chronic pain patient for about 5 yrs....this all started with a work injury to my arm...4 surgeries...urgh
Then right after getting through 3 1/2 yrs of that I was in an MVA and recieved a neck injury and just had my second neck surgery last sept.  I was released to go to the gym and started to have knee pain.  I had sort of caught my knee from coming out of the tracking and going into a full subluxation and then the pain came...Went to an ortho and now in PT  had an x-rays at orthos office wich shows I have fractures that are old in both right and left of which has a piece flotaing aroundin there some place...Doc says surgery...then I get an MRI which shows a torn medial retinaculum.

I have done some research but not that much...tomorrow I go and see the ortho to go over the MRI!

In the last 5 yrs I have had 8 surgeries for various different things..
I am 39 and trying to finish school and go back to work but keep getting injured...

I am now prepareing myself for the fact that this torn medial retinaculum will need to be surgically fixed.

The thing is I am not sure how extensive the recovery will be.
The ortho already said because of the poor tracking of my patella he would do surgery.  Now since the MRI shows a tear I am not sure how fast this needs to take place.

Also the PT feels good whiel doing it although some things are a bit tough...
The knee swells with very little activity and stays swollen for long periods of time.
They sometimes tape it at the PT
I do my exercises diligently at home, but other then one college class two nights a week and on Mondays tonight I have a lab that is  5 hours of learning to draw peoples blood and a clinical rotation ot the hospital in the near future....I am on college insurance and am in fears about some of the coverage
and also in fear it will affect the clinical rotations...
what to do...
Does anyone have any words of encouragement and or experience with this???
I have the subluxation problem with both kness but have not had a FULL subluxation in many many years...maybe 8 yrs for the right knee and longer for the left.  The right is my dominant and is the one with the tear...
I will see my ortho tomorrow...
Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
Thanks so much for reading...
What are recoveries from this surgery or repair....more info will come tomorrow after Ortho apt. i am also taking a friend to help remember important questions to ask....

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Re: New to board! What is a torn medial retinaculum???
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2009, 10:54:41 PM »
Hi there sory about your situation.  I do know that a torn retinaculum is from knee dislocations, its the connection on the medial side of the patella that holds it in place.  The first line of treatment is knee imobilizer and PT. If that doesnt work then the dreaded word surgery.  Good luck and let us know what the OS has to say, ok?
Peace& Love
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Re: New to board! What is a torn medial retinaculum???
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2009, 07:03:06 AM »
Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much for your reply.
I was told many years ago in my very early twenties that I had "the loosest knees I have ever seen" by a doc...those were his words...then he said "how do you live like this"  I replied that the knees were not painful until they subluxated and sometime whenthey di it would hurt only a day or two and sometimes it would need bracing for onths afterward...not a ortho brace just a store purchased brace...
Please excuse my spelling...My eyes are tired and I have been in class for hours this evening and have been emotional becasue i havebeen through so many injuries over the last 5 years...This most recent injury before the knee pain was an MVA injury to my neck that required two surgeries in one year...most recently last Sept...i just got done applying for jobs and was realeased to go to the gym and approved by my spinal ortho to do all the things I was doing at the gum and the amount of time I was spending was approved as well....
Despite all that I still injured that knee...I am sure the pateela fractures are old as stated in the MRI findings and the X-rays from the ortho doc in the same practice as my spinal ortho....But I do feel the tear is new and I truly do hope the school health insurance will pay if the doc decides surgery.
He already told me I needed to have surgery because of the subluxation having happended so much as a younger and very athletic I do see it coming ...just not to thriled that this will .....if it becomes a reality surgery number nine for various things over the pst 5 years and I have to say it is getting old...
I am actually also in the process of decreasing the medication from the neck injury with my pain doctor and will continue to do so despite the knee as directed by the doctor...the knee thus far is a differnent pain and I feel i no longer need the medication as my neck is healing really well.
Being that I am new to the site...and tired and it is late...i will try and navigate around see how some things work and try to read other peoples stories and ask questions....
Thanks again for your support!