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Author Topic: New member needs help - osteochondral defect, bone marr oedema behind patella  (Read 1441 times)

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Hi everyone - will this ever heal?

So pleased to have found a site that makes sense and could do with your help please.

56 yrs old, slim, ctive, walk loads, swim, etc tripped up 6mths ago and fell. Right knee still painful and swollen. Have had acupuncture, fluid drained to check for bacteria, bleeding, crystals and clear. Don't like taking steroids really.

MRI  a couple of mths ago -osteochondral defect in medial femoral condyle. Femoral OA present (a little bit I but don't notice it and it doesn't affect my lifestyle ) with bone marrow oedema in posterior aspect of patella. Significant joint effusion but menisci in normal limits. Crucial and collateral lig complexes in normal  limits. Normal extensor mechanisms.

What is the outcome of this - is it likely to be an op - I do a few exercises and try to walk and swim a tiny bit but it's painful.