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Author Topic: Severe swelling and pain, waiting on OC Allograft  (Read 903 times)

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Severe swelling and pain, waiting on OC Allograft
« on: March 09, 2009, 09:55:44 PM »
Hey yall, Im in pain everyday from this OC defect 3cm x 1.5cm. Had a failed MFX 7 months ago. I have seen the OS specialist and she suggest OC allograft.  Today is a terrible day for me, I am in incredible amount of pain and the swelling is quite severe.  I havent done anything different at all, so I dont know what has happened.  I take Celebrex everyday and loratab 7.5 every 6 hours i even had to take two of the loratab today without any relief.  Anyone have any idea whats going on?? Please help me out here, I dont know if I should go to the ER or wait til tomorrow and call my OS. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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