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Author Topic: Newbie - 3rd knee op-can't straighten leg,  (Read 1276 times)

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Newbie - 3rd knee op-can't straighten leg,
« on: March 07, 2009, 05:05:08 PM »
I am new to this and am doing this am at the end of my teher with my knee. First injured it nearly 4 years ago and have had my 3rd surgery in jan 09. This surgery was for removal bone spur, patela shaving and removal plica. 8 weeks on i am able to straighten my leg when laying dowm but when i weight-bear on it , it is bent.
Saw my otho consultant again,he says have lost 15 degrees.Thinks nothing wrong inside knee now.When he tried to force it straight i felt resistance at a point on the medial side of my knee. He has told me to try to strengthen my leg  as i have alot of quad atrophy in it and if can't get in straight at the next dr visiit in 3 weeks time then he wants to do mua and splint it.Isn't this a really bad idea and will it resolve anything.
The physio that i have been seeing want it injected with steroids but not sure this is the answer either.

any thoughts would be appreciated as not able to return to work until leg is in better shape and am feeling lost and really fed u right now.

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Re: Newbie - 3rd knee op-can't straighten leg,
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2009, 12:40:29 AM »
Hey there,
                I am sorry for your ordeal, I have had something different happen to me, but I am sure someone soon will come on to help.  I had the opposite happen...I couldn't bend my knee 6mo post op.  My first sx was aug 14 2008, was still on crutches, out of fed up!  Everything went wrong.  Plus my knee froze at 75deg.  Well, I just had my second sx feb 26th.  They did an MUA, and removed a ton of scar tissue.  I can bend it so much better.  I am at 90-100 deg.  My quad is mush...kind of non-exitant.  Thats why I can't walk yet.  I am now working on constantly bending the knee and quad exersises with my PT.  If you are hesitant about your situation please get a second or third opinion!  It is your knee, and you need to do what is right for you, and of course you can't go on with a leg that doesn't straighten out, just like I couldn't go on with a leg that wouldn't bend.
  I wish you the best of luck, this site is wonderful, someone will always understand even if they haven't gone through exactly what you have, but hang in there, and soon more people will jump on here and try to help.  Then some time you may be able to reach out to someone who may just need a "hang in there" :)  Please keep us posted on your journey.

Karen.....Boston, Ma