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Author Topic: Please help identify my injury- Bodybuilder that needs to get back to training!  (Read 990 times)

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Hello, i suffered a knee injury 4 weeks ago while training legs in the gym. I had just completed a set of squats, my legs felt completely fine, everything was normal and I have no prior history of knee pain/injury.  After my set i walked over to pick up my water bottle off the ground, but in so doing, i kept my right leg completely straight and when i bent over i felt a slight pull behind my right kneecap, kind of on the back/right side of the knee. Being a bodybuilder i was more concerned with my workout so i finished the workout and just tried to ignore the pain. Although the pain get pretty bad. 

I had my brother who is a 3rd year med student specializing in orthopedics and sports injuries check out my knee. He performed numerous tests (Lachman's test, Pivot shift test, Mcmurry's test, etc) and he confirmed that there is no tear to the ACL/PCL/MCL ligaments.  He advised rest. After 4 weeks of rest there has been no improvement.  The pain occurs when I attempt to squat down to sit in a chair, although the pain only occurs when i squat down to a pretty low level. I can walk up and down stairs fine but i cannot squat down to sit on a low couch.  The pain is a sharp, shooting pain behind the right knee. It feels like a tendon/ligament type pain and definitely is not a muscle injury. 

thank you for your help.


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behind the knee pain can be several things: perhaps a cyst?
also the popliteus wraps around from the back of the knee to the front, down the shin. If you are like alot I have known who work with weights at the probably dont stretch like you should and maybe prior to that day your popliteus had become very tight try this:

every day using your fingertips for extra strength, start at the back of the knee and message it, using up and down motions work outward slowly around to the front . repeat and repeat and repeat. ;)
do that several times per day..esp after a shower. also while sitting in your bed, take a towel, wrap wround your toes ( leg straight out in front of you) and very gently pull your toes toward you with the towel...gently stretching that hamstring..a tight hamstring will also be felt in the back of the knee ANd can also effect the popliteus. ( from what i was told by a message therapist once and worked for me..I also had very bad pain behind the knee..and am experiencing again recently so i will start my old treatment back and see what happens) 

too, have you tried some ibuprofen for the need it daily, several times per day for a few weeks to see really good results. anyway thats my take from my own experience..hope it works out soon....remember after you recover proper stretching ( esp if you work out with heavy loads) is important to prevent weihgt lifting injuries from tight muscles.