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Author Topic: Knee Brace?  (Read 963 times)

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Knee Brace?
« on: March 03, 2009, 05:08:33 PM »
I tore my acl back in February last year, but have only just had an arthroscopy to confirm. None of the standard tests including an MRI showed conclusive evidence, my doc thought it torn my meniscus, but was not meant to be! what a bummer! Anyway, im going skiing in March and wasnt sure if i needed to get a knee brace, i have been working hard on my knee since the summer, (I spent 2 months windsurfing in Tenerife!) then i have been playing Tennis with increased intensity (unsupported) untill i had the arthroscopy 2 weeks ago.

Because my Arthroscopy was pretty recent i haven't yet been in for a follow up appointment (joys of the NHS waiting lists!) which means i don't know how bad my acl tear is yet and havent been given any advice or recommendations! I have been booked in around the date I am going skiing so would have no time to purchase a knee brace after I have seen my surgeon (assuming he recommends one!). I have a limited budget so i want the most affordable brace that will do the job, i have looked at the CTi braces, they look good but are out of my price range, for a new one at least anyway. I have also looked at the Donjoy braces, ranging from the higher spec ones (armor and defiance) to the slightly lower spec (playmaker). Another issue is making sure the brace doesnt interfere with my ski boots! would it be worth considering a used one? Does anyone have one for sale?
I was looking for advice on whether i need a brace or not, and which one is best. I have read so many forums and websites with very different opinions and now i am just confused!

Any help is much appreciated.

I am posting in the knee braces section as well