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Author Topic: 6 months and nothing.  (Read 1801 times)

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6 months and nothing.
« on: February 23, 2009, 01:31:04 PM »

I'm really starting to lose it here, so some words of encouragement would be nice and greatly appreciated.

I was injured 6 months ago, it was misdiagnosed (NHS in Edinburgh) as a quad strain so I was sent for physio for several months. It didn't help and actually I got worse, so I paid for an MRI (not willing to wait for however many months on the NHS and lucky to have a supportive family who could afford it privately), it showed a chondral defect, and the orthopaedist referred me for an arthroscopy. He said it would probably be 4 weeks 'til I heard, then maybe another 4 weeks 'til the appointment

In this time I've been relying on benefits and had to deal with the jobcentre being rude and refusing to give me info on buses and then refusing to reimburse taxis to mandatory interviews when the bus didn't come close enough because I wasn't protected by the DDA. I've also had to be paying to go to the gym for physio and they've been making me pay for someone to come in and help me which I really can't afford so I'm hilariously in debt. I've been writing to MPs etc. about being denied access to the jobcentre interviews but the response from both officials at the jobcentre and the minister for disability himself is that it is right and just to be denied access to goods and services because the DDA doesn't cover me and for that matter nor should it, while they've both made stuff up (interview dates that did not happen, help and advice that did not happen) and accused me of lying.

And I'm so sick of it. I don't want to deal with these people anymore, and I'm sick of living in a world where official policy is to not help people and people are made to feel like scum for not being able to walk however long for, and I'm damn sick of constant pain and not being able to walk and having my concentration shot to hell and taking all these painkillers and not being able to sleep and everyone I know not wanting to talk to me because it's such a downer and not being able to go anywhere to get away from all of this. I have a history of depression and self-harming that I'd only just managed to get under control, and frankly I am just not able to keep myself above the water anymore. I am constantly anxious and shaking, angry, depressed, and trying desperately not to hurt myself. I've been trying to volunteer from home to keep busy and productive and useful, but I can't concentrate on it enough.

I've just had a letter this morning with an appointment with an orthopaedic physio (NHS, but different clinic from the orthopaedist who referred me for the arthroscopy) for the 2nd of April, where they will do yet another physical exam despite having a picture of the inside of my knee which clearly shows what's wrong and a radiologist's report. It's totally red tape - they have to see people before they get referred on for an arthroscopy even if another NHS orthopaedist has referred them specifically for that and there's an MRI diagnosis that renders the physical exam useless (plus I am terrified I'll get there and they'll send me for physio AGAIN after the first misdiagnosis). The waiting list once the physical exam has happened is 15 weeks: 16th July. The orthopaedist said I may need further surgery after that, and who knows how long the waiting list for that is. It's now at the point where it's a toss-up whether I'll get to that 12 month mark. If I need surgery? Definitely. If not, could go either way.

I am terrified even of those four months to an arthroscopy, and of being misdiagnosed again and not even getting that far. I don't know if I can cope for that long. I am shattered.
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Re: 6 months and nothing.
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2009, 02:27:06 AM »
I can relate to what you're saying. Not being mobile and with limited income is enough to send anyone into a state of depression, let alone issues with the jobcentre and wrong diagnosis. The NHS hospital in England didn't spot my injuries for a while after my accident and after a week I had to insist upon a CT scan of my knee. I feel that a MRI scan might be beneficial for me as well, but like you I would have pay for this which is difficult without an income from work. I was called into the jobcentre too despite a knee and back injury and not being able to walk, being signed off sick because of my injuries and having a job to go back to as soon as I am mobile. Eventually they agreed to a telephone interview. My claim for incapacity benefit still isn't finalised as the local office is too busy apparantly because of the economic crisis.

I wonder about the Disability Discrimination Act too, and whether we are classed as "disabled". I've been looking at the forms for Disability Living Allowance, but are we "disabled"? I don't know. Hopefully, the injuries will heal before another 6 months is up but who knows what the future holds? Best to try to stay positive, patient and assertive when needed, but this is hard in the absence of support. Anyway, just to let you know that you're not alone and as friends (who live overseas) say, "keep the faith".

Good luck! 
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Re: 6 months and nothing.
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2009, 09:32:54 PM »
Hi there,

So sorry the bureacratic red tape is such a mess.  It's just as bad here in the states, especially for any type of disability.  Keep fighting them and get help with that if needed.  At your next appointment you may have to demand a referral.  All that run around makes no sense.  It's bad enough you are injured then to heap on the insults is enough to make anyone down.  Is there a coulselor or similar you can see?  It may help to talk about the depression before it gets worse.  I've had my bouts with it too, so I can relate a bit.  As for the jobcentre, keep good written records of when, where, who and how to prove your point.  Good luck.

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