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Author Topic: has anybody had this knee problem?  (Read 779 times)

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has anybody had this knee problem?
« on: March 13, 2009, 01:40:44 PM »
Sorry if i am doing this wrong, but have never used a forum before.

The problem i have started with my left knee when  having treatment for a back problem, a leg length difference was noticed and a temporary lift was applied to solve this, my knee pain started aching from that time. I saw an NHS physio who refered me to the consultant at Agnes Hunt at Oswestry Shropshire, who was convinced it was cartilage problem. Two operations later, he referred me to the arthritis consultant and any number of other tests were carried out. A proper heel raise was tried. Nothing worked, i was then passed to the advanced physio dept who tried moulded shoe inserts and finally glucose injections into the knees, as by then both knees had this aching/burning pain i can walk no problem and regularly hill walk, but after exercise the burning comes back with avengance. The NHS have done all they can and MRI tells them they can't see any point in another op.

I have been taking Glucostamate tablets for a number of years, and have only recently stopped taking them. I did feel a bit better at first but still have a problem. This has taken a number of years to work through the NHS departments. Has anybody found a solution? I have seen an advert in my walking magazine for a physio in Yorkshire Called the Rebound Clinic. Has any body used him? I am thinking of trying him, but have found over the years with my back problem you can end up visiting different places to be told after 300 of visits that tney don't know either, but thanks for the chq anyway! I would apreciate anybodies advice and would gladly pay any amount of money IF they would guarentee a result! Nigel apart from that i'm fine thanks!