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Author Topic: Infection 14 mos. after TKR  (Read 1148 times)

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Infection 14 mos. after TKR
« on: February 06, 2009, 06:56:30 PM »
In a major hospital in Seattle, by an excellent OS who I have full faith in, I had my 1st TKR in 12/2006.  All went very well. In 2/2008, I developed an infection which resulted in the removal of my knee, spacer put in and then almost 4 months flat on my back with 4 infusions daily.  Never have I experienced so much pain in my life!!  Childbirth was a walk in the park by comparison.  In mid- June, 2008, a new knee was put back in.  PT went well until August when I began losing flex.  I had an MUA in mid Sept.  My OS gave me the dubious honor of being the 1st patient in the entire ortho dept. whose knee would not move a scinitilla.  In mid-Nov. 2008, 3d surgery to have scar tissue removed.  PT was painful, but progressing.  Now, in early Feb., my knee is "stuck" at the low 90's.

My questions are:  How likely is the scar tissue building up again? How likely am I to develop another infection in the coming years?  It was never found what caused my infection.

Any insight is welcomed.  I am scared to death about a recurring infection.  Thanks, Esqlib1