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Author Topic: medial pain in knee  (Read 1011 times)

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medial pain in knee
« on: February 03, 2009, 09:46:05 PM »
Hi there,

Been on this board for a while but I have a new question and am wondering if someone else has any great suggestions. 

History:  Proximal/Disal Realignment Chondroplasty March 2007. 
during surgery it was discovered I had a significantly large area that had no cartilage this was located behind the Patella.  (Due to many years of disloactions) 
July 2008 Synvisc injections due to pain in medial side of knee, mostly during bending.  example: I sleep whith legs bent wake up in pain.  Once I get leg straightened out for a bit, pain subsides.  After a busy day pain again returns in medial side. 
Injections seemed to help but now pain is back.  Tolerable at this point in time, and not currently slowing me down.  Just a big annoyance. so I'm not ready to go see OS just yet.

One idea, is this the cartilage issue?    Has anyone else had this problem?
1976 first dislocation 10 years old
1980 14 yrs old LR, MR, remove chip bone
1980-2005 numerous dislocations
March 2007 Proximal/distal realignment, chondroplasty
July 2007 MUA
July 2008  synvisc
Sept 2008 patellar tendon tendonitis
June 2009 hardware removal, LR, debriedment