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Author Topic: Knee mri results from Ohio  (Read 2423 times)

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Knee mri results from Ohio
« on: February 03, 2009, 08:42:55 PM »
I received my results on a recent MRI and was hoping to get a little feedback. 

The findings:  "There is a moderate joint effusion.  There is postoperative changes noted involving the extensor mechanism.  There has been apparent near complete resection of the patella.  There are several ossicles present in the resection bed, and full-thickness cartilage loss involving the lateral aspect of the trochlea.  Marked thickening of the patellar ligament, appears to have been fixation of the distal patellar ligament to the tibial tubercle."  "The medial collateral ligament, iliotibial band, and lateral collateral ligament are intact.  The anterior and posterior ligaments are intact."  "There is mild degenerative signal noted within the medial and lateral meniscus.  No meniscal tear is identified."  "Mild degenerative change noted involving the medial and lateral femorotibial compartment."

Personal history:  As you can see from above, I have had a total patellectomy.  The surgery was 30 yrs ago when I was 13yrs old.  I sustained multiple fractures and at the time removal was recommended.  I always had pain and weakness post surgery.  I have been able to run, bike, ski, etc with moderate pain--you learn to adapt and tolerate.  In other words it has not stopped me from being active.

However, 7 weeks ago I slipped on the ice and fell.  My injured knee was not able to support my total weight (220 lbs) and colapsed.  I fell to the ground and landed on my knee.  Evey since then I have had extreme pain and catching.  Mostly on the lateral side around where the top of the patella would be.  I know most of the results are normal for 30yrs post surgery, but something feels different.

If anyone has any insight or similar experiences I would appreciate the info.
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