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Author Topic: Recovery Complication  (Read 861 times)

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Recovery Complication
« on: February 01, 2009, 07:00:27 PM »
Hi.  I'm new.  I had lateral release and Fulkerson on both knees last Thursday (01/22/09), and have been coming along fine.  I have 24/7 immobilizers set to 60 degrees on both legs, and can maneuver fairly well with my granny walker.  I'm using a CPM machine 3x/day, doing several flexibility and strengthening exercises 3x/day and icing 3x/day with my cryo-cuffs.  The problem?  I got up to use the bathroom last night, and as I was getting out of bed....planted my feet on the floor...grasped my walker....CRACK!  I heard a loud, sharp, single crack from my left knee.  Now, 8 hours later, I'm having significant pain BEHIND that knee.  It hurts to do leg lifts.  It hurts to do quad presses (where you press the backs of your knees into the bed).  I can still do the knee bending exercises without pain.  My concern is that I popped a ligament or tore my meniscus.  Could this have happened?  I'm sick over this.  Thanks for any advice, comments, or suggestions!