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Author Topic: whats the next stage whn synvisc do not work????????  (Read 983 times)

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whats the next stage whn synvisc do not work????????
« on: January 27, 2009, 01:03:33 PM »
Iam 30yrs old.
 I slipped on a wet floor 4yrs ago, and landed on my left knee.It has been giving me problems everyday since,my knee feels weak and the bones are starting to rub together,my knee was perfect before the fall.eventually my doc sent me to a orthopedic doc last november,he sent me for x-rays and a mri scan.The orthopedic doc said i had degenerative cartilage and he suggested synvisc injections,he said it was the only option i had.I had the 3injections over a few weeks,but they did not help.
My own gp said that i will need a knee replacement in the future and will get arthritis,the orthopedic doc just said the injections will "difinitely" work,he says there is nothing else that can be done.
I realise its going to effect my work,lifestyle,especially as i get older.
When i fell,my knee cap took the whole impack,when iam lying flat,if i put any pressure on my kneecap ortry to push down on it and move it around,there is a rubbing sensation,there is always a pain under the kneecap.
Can anyone shed some light on the matter!!???
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Re: whats the next stage whn synvisc do not work????????
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2009, 04:25:49 PM »
Hi there,

Sorry the injections did not work.  Unfortunately they don't work for everyone.  I got some parital relief from them so I can understand your frusteration.  If the OS is saying that the shots are the only solution, it may be time for another OS if possible.  I am pretty sure there are no OS's that will do a total knee for someone so young.  Although it has been done in other places.  There may be other surgeries they can do to change the forces in the knee.  Did either doc tell you where the degenerative cartilage is?  That may be the determining factor in what else might be done.  Best of luck.

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