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Author Topic: Molecular Biology of Cartilage  (Read 761 times)

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Molecular Biology of Cartilage
« on: January 24, 2009, 04:06:17 PM »
Hey yall, my OS has referred me to a sports med OS at Wake Forrest University Baptist Medical Center, in Winston Salem NC.  Heres the history, I slipped on a wet floor and got an osteocondral impaction fracture of the distal MFC, had MFX 5 months ago, and had the same pain even more so after, an MRI confirmed that the MFX had failed, and the fx had actually grown in size.  My OS then referred me to Dr. Ferguson.  Upon researching her I found that her special intrest are in knee injuries and molecular biology of cartilage.  After searching the net, I believe that molecular biology of cartilage is cartilage transplant ie mosaicplasty/OATS.  So I feel better about seeing her. However I want the best possible in my area to do the surgery, i have heard that the success of the OATS depends on the surgeon getting the "plugs" in really well, so man I 've been through so much I really want this to work.  One other thing my OS said that the size of my fx is large (I forgot to ask the dementions, but am gonna try to find out) and that They may want to do a TKR, he said my knee is really bad overall, but no arthritis. So does anyone know of a list of OS who are really good at the procedure in the Winston Salem NC area?  I heard that KneeGuru has a list but I've been unable to find it, can yall help me out  please???

Thanks fellow kneegeeks
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Right Knee:  1983 meniscal tear scope debridment &lateral release. 1991, 1997, 2001
2003 scope meniscal tears. 
8-08 MFX MFC lesion FAILED.
 4-09 Went in for OATS-not a canidate.
 6-09 Uni Right MFC.