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Author Topic: causalgia? i don't think so!!!!!! advice?  (Read 898 times)

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causalgia? i don't think so!!!!!! advice?
« on: May 11, 2009, 04:21:46 PM »
i broke my hip in aug 2008....and healed completely....then, probably in PT, i tore my meniscus on the same side......had it removed....didn't get better, lots of pain, lots of functional difficulties, like knee at sitting position at work, not able to do stairs, pain with PT another MRI, another tear, and another 8 weeks after second meniscus surgery, they first told me it was all in my head, a second opinion says i have causalgia, and prescribed lyrica.....i don't want to take drugs!  my PT says i may have patellar tednonitis....the thing is, she touches me all over my knee and quad (which is very weak) and my friden who is a massage therapist can touch it, and there is none ot the "hyperactive" nerve reaction he diagnosed....diagnosed without touching me!!!!!!!  i think since this is a workman's comp case, and he read the other doc's report that i am imagining all this, that that colored his opinion.....what do i do now?  how hard do i keep fighting, when the docs, cas mgr, and lawyer think i am "loopy" and only my PT seems to get what is going on?  thanks.................