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Author Topic: anesthesia or spinal?  (Read 9739 times)

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Re: anesthesia or spinal?
« Reply #30 on: July 18, 2004, 03:22:21 AM »
I had two options:
1. general anesthesia
2. general + nerve block.
   I was told the nerve block is like an epideral for the leg only, that helps reduce pain for some time after surgery.
   The block is an elective procedure, which I assumed would cost me extra money, so I didn't do it, because I'm cheap.
  I had no pain after the surgery, probably because of the percocet pain killer I was on, and whatever they put in the IV.
6/13/04: Broke patella playing soccer
6/17: Surgery, 2 pins & figure 8 wire
6/30: Start PT, 36deg ROM
7/3:  No immobilizer, 40 deg ROM
7/15:  No crutches, 94deg ROM
8/9: Stop PT, 140 deg ROM
4/9:  Hardware removal.