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Author Topic: Recovery time for a patellofemoral replacement????  (Read 9995 times)

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Recovery time for a patellofemoral replacement????
« on: December 14, 2008, 12:30:17 AM »
I have been told by my OS that my only option left is a PFR.  I am 35 and have had a lateral release done on both knees but have never had a "major" surgery on either knee.  I see the OS on the 23rd- which is most likely when we will discuss the surgery.
My major question is about my recovery time after the surgery.  I am a teacher and as much as I think I can wait until summer to have the surgery, I don't know if I can make it that long- plus I don't want to miss out on swimming  ;D !! (I live on a lake) also, I need to be able to somewhat get around in early August as I coach Varsity soccer and while I know I won't be out playing soccer, I would at least like to be able to walk across the field.
I know that most surgeons recommend 6 weeks post op before going back to work, but what is the earliest that I could go back?  I teach high school math and can sit a lot while working since the kids don't need me standing and I am very tall so even sitting I can reach pretty high up on the marker board or I will use my LCD projector and computer to do all the work...
For those that have had a PFR, what should I expect?  During my recovery time will I actually be laid out in bed or will I be able to be working at least 1/2 time or??
I would appreciate any help or information that anyone could give.
~ Kit

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Re: Recovery time for a patellofemoral replacement????
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2008, 03:22:42 PM »
Hi Kit:

I am 38 & I have had two PFJR's on my left knee.  I had a lateral release done at the same time as the first PFJR.

I was off work for 8 weeks but I drive for a living so you should be able to go back before that time.  I was WB the very next day after surgery, as much as pain would allow. PT started the day after surgery too.  You won't need to be resting in bed.  You will be on crutches for a few weeks  but like me you will soon got rid of them.  I have a scar about 6 inches long.

I had to have the PFJR done twice because a scan showed that there was early loosening of the left femoral prosthesis.  I now have  permanent squeak in my knee.  ;D  Are you having the kneecap replaced or just the back of it?  I have part of my left femur replaced with metal & my kneecap is like a plastic button. 

I still have arthritis in the knee & am waiting for a TKR.  I am due to go into hospital 23rd December for an operation on my other knee. Jut hope I don't have to have as many ops on this knee like I did on the other one. That totalled 9 ops in all.

Keep us posted on how things go.

Take Care.



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Re: Recovery time for a patellofemoral replacement????
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2008, 10:19:46 PM »
Thank you for your response- I know that everyone is different but I appreciate any information I can get.
I am not sure what exactly my surgery will entail other than my dr. telling me he would like to do a PFR. 
I had a lateral release and he fixed a torn meniscus in May of 2005.  I walked on my knee that same day and only took one day off work.  When I went back to school I didn't use any sort of crutches or cane or anything, but did use the elevator at school for about a week.   
If we do opt for the pfr, I will have the same surgeon who did my 2005 surgery and my 1989 right knee surgery (lateral release and meniscus repair).  He was also my orthopedic when I tore my MCL in 1990- which we did not repair surgically but did a brace for 3 months instead!  It is a small clinic in northern Maine and when I go to my appointment on Dec. 23rd, I am actually going to see both orthos who work at the clinic as one is semi-retired and kind of picks and chooses which surgeries he wants to do. 
I had the synvisc injections as we tried to avoid the surgery- but they haven't done anything for me (except for making my knee feel kind of "greasy" the first day...)
Thanks again for the help.
~ Kit

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Re: Recovery time for a patellofemoral replacement????
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2008, 07:29:46 PM »
The recovery for a PFR is much faster than for a total knee replacement - but it's still real surgery. I have found the recovery in my patients to be very variable - but it depends on what you can tolerate.
The PFR is for someone who
a) has isolated PF arthritis
b) is not likely to develop arthritis in the rest of the knee anytime soon.
Double check with your doctor that you meet these criteria.
Good luck!
R Grelsamer MD

Due to time and legal restrictions Dr. Grelsamer can respond just once to queries on the Bulletin Board. Thank you for your understanding.