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Author Topic: 6 Month Knee Injury!!  (Read 1045 times)

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6 Month Knee Injury!!
« on: December 13, 2008, 07:20:12 PM »
Well 6 months ago i was playing a friendly game of football with friends and everything went fine, good game and all that!! This was on a friday night.

I felt no pain until the next morning when it was really painful, not much swelling, found it very painful to walk etc, it was a constant dull throb inside the knee, particularly the inside edge.

I have a physical job so i rested up sunday and strapped my leg up for monday work and so on for the next week, eventually the pain eased until i could walk fine with no pain.

But every now and then over the months, from general usage, i get a dull pain inside the knee, and its sore today as a matter of fact. So ill look after it and then ill be fine for a week or two.

I do some squats now and then to try and strengthen it but it obviously isnt healing totally!!

Is it knee ligaments that i have pulled and what should i do to sort it?

Thanks for any help given. In my early twenties if this helps

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Re: 6 Month Knee Injury!!
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2008, 10:46:47 PM »
Hello Starman,
Knees are pretty complex so it could be a number of need to find out what!
I'm assuming (for some resaon!) that you're in the UK and with the good old my advice is to go to your GP, explain the history and ask to be referred to see a knee specialist/orthopaedic surgeon at your local hospital. When you get to see them they may have suggestions as to what your injury is but if I were you I'd insist you'd like to be further referred for an MRI scan (typically about 4-6 weeks later on NHS I'm afraid!As they are quite expensive you don't get automatically sent for them, so insist you'd like one rather than proceeding straight to scoping the knee). The MRI will hopefully give you answers, and a follow-up appointment will give you the chance to discuss it with the knee specialist/OS who referred you for the MRI. My only advice is this...whatever it turns out to be think carefully about whether the sporadic, dull ache, is so bad that it is affecting your quality of life enough to consider surgery. Knees are complex and it was only 6 months ago you injured your knee so maybe it's still trying to settle down. As you'll see from this site, surgery (even straightforward arthroscopies just to see what's going on) don't always leave you better than you started! Surgery is not to be entered into lightly...progress down all the conservative routes of physio, rest, ice etc before you jump into any surgery.  Good luck.
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