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Author Topic: stubborn patellofemoral or worse?  (Read 825 times)

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stubborn patellofemoral or worse?
« on: December 13, 2008, 06:07:54 AM »

I am 30, and I've had knee pain for about 3 years now!

My hamstring (bicep femoris) is always burning. Also my vastus medialis/lateralis. Burn Burn, ache. Also, under the knee cap.

I have seen a Dr, who gave me a series of exercises to do. He said "it could take some time."

I'm not feeling any improvement. I stretch with one of those big rubber band things a lot, it provides some relief, but the overall condition is not improving.

Can anyone tell me why I have this pain? I am 6ft and 160 pounds. Tall, skinny. I am not a runner.

IS IT TRUE that these little exercises will lead to recovery? I've been at them daily for about a year.

What else could be wrong? This pain is giving me major anxiety, to say the least.


My pain is even on both knees. It developed gradually and I associated it with all the stress I was under in life.
I sort of learned to deal with it, without really understanding what was happening. 

No sports injuries, no breaks, no blood. Just ache/burn. All day, Everyday.

Sitting in chairs is awful, keeping them bent hurts. Standing up hurts. My remedy is to constantly shift positions when I'm sitting at work or at home. It's driving me crazy!

I have tried all sorts of variations of stretching and small exercises. None seem to to do any better than another.

WHO do I see, WHERE do I go? 

Is it just general patellofemoral pain, and I'm not exercising properly? Is it normal to NOT go away?
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