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Author Topic: 1st knee injury, need advice please, not getting any help or info from docs  (Read 745 times)

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Hi everyone, this is my 1st post so i am not sure if i am doing this right but really could do with some advice, here goes:

I fell in the street 3 weeks ago onto concrete, my full body weight (11.7st) onto my left knee, i immediately felt great pain in my knee and needed to be helped into the car as i could not put any weight on that leg.
After the shock began to disappear i pulled up my trouser leg to find a couple of grazes and some scraped skin but nothing more, went home elevated my leg used an ice pack and only used it to hobble to the loo, it had by now started swelling and was really painful and very hot, my skin felt like it was on fire, i put this down to the scraped skin.
The next morning i woke up to find my knee was huge like i had a boiled egg for a kneecap. Hubby drove me straight to A & E, the doc did a lot of poking and prodding then sent me to x-ray insisting i went in a wheelchair.
I was told that i had fractured my patella across the middle and needed to be in plaster but did not need surgery, the cast was put on straight away with a gap down the front to allow for swelling and told to see a specialist the week after.
I saw the specialist in the fracture clinic exactly a week after my fall, he showed me the x-ray which showed a line straight down the middle of my patella but stopping just near the bottom so the patella was not split in 2 pieces, below this it said no break or dislocation, this was very confusing to me was it broke or not? The doc examined my leg out of the cast and decided i should have a new full cast for 3 weeks.
A week later i was at my gp`s (nothing to do with the knee) and mentioned that i was getting stabbing pains up the outside of my knee into my thigh, she sent me back to the specialist, they sent me for more x-rays, he checked them and said "there is a line on the x-ray but Iím not 100% that it is a fracture" so no cast just tubigrip and come back in 2 weeks maybe the problem is inside your knee we will see you then.
Now it is 3 weeks after my fall, i have no cast on my leg, i am in more pain now than when i did it, my knee is still swollen, not as much as it was but still swollen, i have sharp pains across my patella and my skin feels sore to touch (the grazes have gone now) above and below my knee is aching all the time more painful in my thigh as well as my actual knee and i have still got sharp pains going up the outside of my knee into my thigh.
I can walk on it around the house but if i straighten my knee fully it is agony, i cannot use my left leg to stand from a sitting position because itís too painful, itís painful trying to get upstairs and even worse coming down and also this seems strange to me but i find it difficult to put my foot into my open backed slipper (just need to slip my foot in but it wonít do it) sleeping is difficult as when i turn over the duvet on my knee wakes me up in pain.
I have been out of my cast for 5 days now so stiffness from that has now gone but still feel burning around the knee area.
Can anyone advise me, not seeing the specialist until 17th December but the pain and not knowing what the problem is are driving me mad.
Any advice would be helpful, thank you