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Author Topic: Potential medial meniscus tear. need advice  (Read 995 times)

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Potential medial meniscus tear. need advice
« on: December 09, 2008, 12:44:15 AM »
Seen Gp she suspects menicus damage, advised physio.  Went physio, battery of tests and he pretty much said meniscus damage but could not confirm a tear without MRI or Scope.  Going to try rehab for 3 weeks if no results will then have ortho consult.  Problem is I want to know how responsive will the meniscus be to physio, has anyone had positve recovery.  I am in canada so the will be a long wait to see a specialist and even longer for scope or mri.  Any chanc i will have this healed by march.  Please direct with your expertise or experience

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Re: Potential medial meniscus tear. need advice
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2008, 02:26:25 PM »
A torn meniscus can't heal on its own because it doesn't have a blood supply. So if you have one, it will never heal. However, it's possible to have one and have your knee feel perfectly fine one day and feel like crap the next. Physical therapy will do nothing to heal a tear. All it will do is strengthen your muscles and maybe make it feel better. In my experience of tearing my meniscus at least three times, physical therapy was totally useless and if your knee is going to feel better it will probably do so whether you have PT or not. My husband tore his meniscus several months ago. His doctor didn't even bother sending him to PT. He scheduled surgery for a few months out but along the way the pain just went away so he canceled surgery. It hasn't bothered him since.


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Re: Potential medial meniscus tear. need advice
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2008, 12:59:13 AM »
I recently got diagnosed with meniscus damage too by my PT, so I know your pain.  I've been doing a lot of research and found out that the healing time really depends on the area of the meniscus that is damaged.  Tears/damage that is further inside your knee take ages to heal, if they ever do, because the blood supply isn't good, tears further outside usually heal within a few months considering you take good care.  My PT gave me some exercises to do so that I can prevent further damage: strengthening your quads and calves decrease exertion on your knees, so stationary bikes on a very low level are okay as is walking in swimming pools.  Another exercise is to place a towel under your knee and try using your leg muscles to push down on the towel.  Also make sure your calves and hamstrings don't get tight - place a book against the wall and place the front part of your foot on the book and lean forwards agaisnt the wall so you feel a stretch through your hamstrings.  Using heat will help the healing process so try using a heat pack, however if your knee is swollen use ice.  Surgery isn't usually the best option for the meniscus unless you have a bad tear, I've heard that it doesn't help in the long term.  Also, to prevent further injury avoid anything that involves running, jumping or twisting of the knee.
Hope this helps and hope it gets better soon!